The Palo Verde Valley 
Community Improvement Fund

Consider this:

In 2006, a local organization was created to energize the economy of the Palo Verde Valley through grants and loans. Six million dollars and two hundred thirty-five new jobs later the city of Blythe is growing economically.

That's the legacy of the Palo Verde Valley Community Improvement Fund (PVVCIF), a non-profit agency founded by the Palo Verde Irrigation District and funded by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

The purpose was to help mitigate the economic impact of the land fallowing program, through which local farmers were compensated on a voluntary basis to temporarily fallow up to 29% of their land.

How have you benefited?

  • Gotten a job through these efforts.
  • Eaten at Subway, Courtesy Coffee Shop, La Paloma or A & R Bakery-Deli..
  • Purchased some Ashley furniture.
  • Stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites.
  • Visited the Palo Verde Historical Museum.
  • Sat in the shade at the high school pool.
  • Played at the City Recreation Center.
  • Learned to drive an 18-wheeler truck at Palo Verde College.
  • Had your children enjoy covered playground equipment at the elementary schools.

That's just a sample of our 38 loans ($7,618,099) and 45 grants ($1,747,818).

There's an important second question:

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and the collateral required to develop and open your own dream business?

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